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Finding Your Signature Scent with Nebras Al Ishq Concentrated Perfume Oils

Ever wondered why some people smell so good? It’s all because they have chosen a fragrance that suits their sense of individuality to the core. We, at Rasasi Perfumes, believe that fragrances in any form are more than just about smelling good. They express your individuality and convey a part of your personality. The scent you choose for yourself can say a lot about you as a person.

Whether you prefer fresh notes of citrus or timeless floral scents, we have fragrances for every preference and occasion. Our scent specialists at Rasasi Perfumes come with years of experience and skill, which makes us one of the most renowned brands for fragrances, sprays, and incense.

With more than four decades of scent artistry, we have set unmatchable benchmarks in the industry for perfumes. Likewise, we have also changed the way perfumes are bottled and presented to the world. For us, every aspect of perfume experience matters, including its packaging. It can be rightly said that our commitment to excellence extends beyond creating the best scent.

In this blog, we will embark on a quest to find the right perfume oil for you! Our latest offerings of Nebras Al Ishq-Wahaj, Nebras Al Ishq-Shorouk, and Nebras Al Ishq-Noor will serve as our guiding stars!

Let’s understand each of these perfume oils in detail and simplify the selection process.

Your Guide to Choosing from Our Latest Nebras Al Ishq Fragrance Range

Nebras Al Ishq is a unisex line of three fragrance oils, namely Wahaj, Shorouk, and Noor. This range conveys the essence of modern love, wherein each fragrance complements the other but has a distinct personality of its own.  Here’s what sets these perfume oils apart from one another:


Wahaj is all about beauty, radiance, and allure. This perfume oil is a brilliant symphony of floral and passionate notes. Wahaj greets you with a sensuous floral bouquet of lotus, pure jasmine, majestic orris, and damask rose. Further, the presence of Oudh, with its depth and richness, brings lasting magnificence to this exquisite creation.

Nebras Al Ishq-Wahaj is perfect for those who want to embody the essence of beauty, grace, and radiance. The fragrance celebrates the soft notes of modern love and is an apt choice for both dreamers and lovers!

Wajah is a unique blend of enchanting notes, each adding a different layer of depth to the fragrance. With vanilla adding a touch of comfort, patchouli adding an earthy richness, addictive praline giving a sense of indulgence, and powdery musk lending softness, Wahaj is a fragrance that celebrates timeless romance.

The base notes of agarwood further leave a lasting impression.


The Nebras Al Ishq-Shorouk captures the essence of new beginnings and infinite possibilities. This perfume oil is inspired by the aroma of the Mediterranean and opens with a burst of freshness. The crisp notes of bergamot, orange, and lemon blend seamlessly with the exotic heart notes of rich wood and fruits, evoking a sense of purity. As the fragrance settles, the warm and earthy notes of amber, bourbon, and white musk envelop you in a comforting embrace.

Shorouk is all about seeing that first ray of sunshine breaking through the darkness. This uniquely crafted perfume oil serves a captivating blend of notes that transport you to a world of endless blue skies and sparkling seas.

Apt for those who like a delightful blend of notes; Shorouk is a scent that invites you to cherish the little precious moments of life.


Noor, as we all know, translates to divine light. Nebras Al Ishq-Noor weaves a tale of mystery and sophistication. At its core, Nebras Al Ishq-Noor blends the top notes of crisp orange, lemon, and green accord with the spicy base notes of oudh, patchouli, and amber. As the fragrance unfolds, the harmonious heart notes of rose, cardamom, and Indian jasmine give a soft cuddle of sweetness and warmth.

We created this marvellous perfume oil with a view to exploring the depth of emotions and embracing the magic of love. Giving out a sense of inner peace and sensuality, Nebras Al Ishq-Noor is a must-have for all those who appreciate the beauty within!

Fragrances are all about self-expression, and selecting the right one can add an amazing dimension to your persona. So, go ahead and explore our amazing Nebras Al Ishq collection of perfume oils and make a statement without saying a word!