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Arabian Prive Coll. - Saada


Dhs. 580.00

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Saada is a combination of exceptional ingredients which create this mystic, warm and opulent perfume that has a mysterious and oriental dimension.

    This enigmatic fragrance opens with a bold, intoxicating burst of rich cognac that immediately draws attention. It���s an exceptional blend of oak wood, cinnamon and tonka beans. As the scent settles in, a complex and seductive blend of woods emerges, giving the fragrance a deep and mysterious quality. The scent���s long-lasting note of balsam, tobacco, sandalwood, and vanilla creates the base for this fragrance. The overall effect is both sophisticated and attractive, drawing the wearer in with its layers of intriguing scents. As the scent evolves on the skin, it reveals subtle nuances and hidden depths, like a labyrinth waiting to be explored. The scent is both familiar and enigmatic, comforting and attractive, making it the perfect choice for those who want to be bold.
  • Cinnamon, Honey, Liquorous
  • Labdanym, Myrrh, Tonka Beand, O
  • Vanilla, Tobacco, Sandalwood,